January 2024 Annual Show and Share
January 11th, 2024

Join the members of the Nanaimo Historical Society and the public to learn from and discuss the interests of our members and community at our annual Show and Share meeting on Thursday, January 11,  when they bring artifacts, stories, and memorabilia to share.  The meeting is at Bowen Park Centre, 500 Bowen Road, in Activity Room #1. Doors open at 6:30 pm and all are welcome.  

As is the tradition of the Nanaimo Historical Society,  our open house circle meeting is one of our livelier and more interactive gatherings where attendees may present and tell the provenance of their collectible or collections. Items of interest may be – but not limited to – local artefacts, tools, letters, photos, maps, brochures, advertising, newspaper clippings, etc…
Mystery objects? Do you have any item that makes you wonder: “What is this thing?” Bring it along and see if the collective knowledge of the group can help identify it.
The meeting unfolds a bit like the Antiques Road Show and American (and Canadian) Pickers – minus appraisals and dickering! Other stories to be told may not be inspired by a tangible item; rather, someone might have an eywitness account or memoir of a place, or event, in local history. These could include reminiscences and memorabilia from former landmark businesses, restaurants, hotels…or an anecdote of a meeting or acquaintance with a remarkable local character or personality.
If you have more than one item or idea to share, bring both. If time permits we can take another lap around the group for seconds. 

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